Burial Ground Services which include:


  • Master and Preservation Plans for Historic Burying Grounds
  • Condition Assessment of Gravestones and Stone Monuments
  • Conservation/repair/resetting/cleaning of Gravestones and Stone Monuments.
  • Tomb, Tomb Marker and Mausoleum Conservation and Rebuilding
  • Project Management of Major Tomb and Mausoleum Projects
  • Workshops in Basic Gravestone Conservation Techniques


  • We associate with the following consultants depending on project requirements:
    • Architect (Cemetery Chapels, Mausoleums, Offices)
    • Landscape Architect (Master Preservation Plans)
    • Landscape Historian (Master Preservations Plans)
    • Structural Engineer (Tombs, Walls and Mausolea Analyses)
    • Metal Conservator (Historic Gates and Fences)


All conservation work is completely documented through the use of inventory forms, conservation reports and before/after photographs.


Fannin.Lehner is flexible to work with its own crew or with park/cemetery departments and volunteers in conservation projects. This serves to heighten community awareness of historic burial grounds and maximizes the work accomplished with preservation funds.


Historic Preservation Consulting which includes:


  • National Register of Historic Places individual listings and districts
  • National Historic Landmarks
  • Local Historic Districts 


  • We are associated with the following disciplines:


    • Architecture and Interior Design
    • Landscape Architecture
    • History of Landscape Architecture
    • Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for historic buildings  
    • Historical Architecture