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The National Register of Historic Places


Fannin. Lehner Preservation Consultants has extensive experience in writing National Register of Historic Places nomination (registration) forms for individual listings as well as districts. A particular specialty is assembling the necessary information and providing the written documents for the registration of historic cemeteries. The Registration Form is complicated, requiring not only major description and significance essays but also an evaluation of almost every aspect of a building, district or cemetery. Decisions must be made to identify whether various elements are "contributing" or "noncontributing." The significance essay needs to be based on primary research as much as possible, so the firm reviews all the pertinent documents held at local and state repositories. Successful nominations include:           


  • Lincoln National Register District - Hingham MA
  • Josiah Quincy House - Quincy MA - National Historic Landmark
  • Adams Academy - Quincy MA - National Historic Landmark 
  • Saint John's Episcopal Church - Framingham MA
  • Saint Augustine Chapel and Cemetery - South Boston MA
  • Old Colony Burying Ground - Granville OH
  • Valley Cemetery - Manchester NH
  • Maple Street Cemetery - Adams MA
  • Blossom Hill/Calvary Cemetery - Concord NH

Bryant Hill Cemetery, Ellicottville NY

                                      Before                                                           After

Barbara Walker, d. 1859, Bryant Hill Cemetery, Ellicottville NY. This large stone was erected by a grandson and had been broken for about 20 years. Conservation included a new base, drilling and blind pinning of multiple fragments, mortaring into a base and infills.

North Cemetery, Natick MA

                                 Before                                                           After

North Cemetery, Natick MA. Captain William Faris, d. 1789. This very large slate headstone had been incorporated into a stone retaining wall when the road adjacent to the cemetery was widened several years ago. Upon removal from the ground it was found that the stone was in 5 fragments. After cleaning, the bottom two fragments, with the two rusted iron straps still holding, were reset back from the wall. Removing the straps had the potential to seriously damage the two fragments and the decision was made to keep them in place. Adhesive repairs were executed to attach the remaining fragments. Infills were applied where needed. 

Old Colony Burying Ground, Granville, OH
Old Colony Burying Ground, Granville, OH. Sherlock Mower, d. 1837, Box Tomb Marker. This Ohio sandstone box tomb marker was vandalized several decades ago. The stacked pieces were laid out on dunnage and it was found that one side panel was broken into two pieces and the top broken into three pieces. The base was leveled and stabilized, and the side panel drilled and pinned. Assembly was by hand due to the fragility of the material. The end and side panels were secured together with stainless steel corner braces. The top was placed on the walls and the fragments supported by an interior limestone column. The pieces of the top were pinned together and a large infill done to replace the losses along the breaks in the top. The Sherlock Mower memorial stands once again next to the Samuel Mower, d. 1838, box tomb marker.