About the Firm

Fannin.Lehner specializes in the field of Historic Burial Ground Conservation and Historic Preservation Consulting . Established in 1984, Fannin.Lehner serves a variety of public and private clients with a wide range of services.


The firm has developed a unique subspecialty in the field of Historic Burial Ground Conservation. Since 1988 Fannin.Lehner has served public and private cemeteries in the New England, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.


The preservation consulting services include National Register of Historic Places individual listings and districts, National Historic Landmark nominations, local historic districts and a number of other historic preservation services.


In burial ground planning, the firm provides gravestone and monument condition assessment services as well as burial ground preservation and master plans. In the practice of burial ground gravestone and monument conservation, the firm performs all types of conservation procedures including cleaning, resetting, adhesive repair, drilling and pinning and infills, etc.


The firm also specializes in tomb and mausoleum rebuilding and restoration. Fannin.Lehner has, in addition, given many gravestone conservation workshops both for cemetery departments and volunteers.